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Family Dentistry

Dr. Malik is Your Danville, CA Family Dentist

As a family dentist, Pooja Malik, DDS, can treat patients as young as 5 years of age. Her dental office in Danville can serve as one familiar location for all family members. Growing up as the daughter of a physician father, Dr. Malik saw the difference he made in the lives of others by helping them to stay healthy and alleviate their oral health concerns. Dr. Malik has also personally seen how dentistry can be life-changing, as her orthodontist helped to transform her smile during her teenage years.
Family dentistry enables Dr. Mailk to take care of her patients and make a difference in their lives. She offers a variety of amenities at her Danville dental office designed to make patients of all ages feel more at ease, such as a spa-like environment, state-of-the-art equipment, beverage service, a special kid’s corner, and even a treasure chest where children can go searching for rewards after a good visit.
A Welcoming Environment for Children

Dr. Malik understands that going to the dentist can be an intimidating experience for young children, and even the parents who are taking them to their visits. To help put her patients at their families at ease, Dr. Malik offers an initial introductory exam where parents can accompany their child to ensure the child is comfortable at her office.
Dr. Malik spends time with parents and kids to discuss the importance of good oral hygiene habits starting at an early age. Building relationships is important to Dr. Mailk, and she knows that starting a child going to the dentist early helps them to have a lifelong healthy relationship with their dentist.
Special services Dr. Mailk offers to her youngest patients include:

• Dental sealants to protect vulnerable chewing surfaces from early decay
• Education on the importance of a good diet when it comes to healthy teeth
• Emphasis on the negative impact of tobacco use in young people
• Flexible appointment times for kids to receive complete care on your schedule, including Saturday appointments 
• Kid’s corner and treasure chest for kid-friendly office visits
What Does Family Dentistry Mean?

As a general or family dentist in Danville, Dr. Malik does not limit her practice to one particular age group. With more than seven years of experience in the dental field, she is well-versed in caring for people of all ages. She enjoys the experience of caring for an entire family. From a grandparent to a child of age 5, Dr. Mailk can see all members of your family in one day at her office, which results in less hassle and return trips to the dentist’s office.
Dr. Mailk is able to "grow" alongside a family; a teenager does not have to transition to a different dentist after receiving pediatric care at her practice. Nor does an adult have to look for a dentist that offers services specifically geared toward him or her. At her state-of-the-art office, Dr. Mailk offers a full-range of services to provide the right care for patients of all ages.
For comprehensive family dentistry at Dr. Malik's Danville, CA dental office, please call to schedule an appointment or click on the "Appointment Request" tab.